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Medzer is an ISO-certified manufacturer of medical devices and innovative technologies for critical, diagnostic and primary healthcare located in Calgary, Canada.

We serve a wide array of healthcare providers worldwide to deliver enhanced patient care and improve patient outcomes. We aim to achieve exceptional user satisfaction with expert guidance on the product options and price structures available to best suit your goals and budget.

We hold a comprehensive array of healthcare products including critical care equipment, diagnostics, therapeutic medical systems, laboratory instruments and rehabilitation equipment, hospital furniture and medical consumables.

We adhere to the highest standards of quality and compliance with clinical validation and testing of products before shipment. We have been accredited with standard certifications CE, ISO 9001: 2008 as per safety guidelines.

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Basket Stretcher ERBS-1000C Basket Stretcher ERBS-1000C
Dimensions 2160 × 610 × 190 mm
Folded 1300 × 610 × 260 mm
Weight 20.5 kgs
Loading 350 kgs
General Examination Chair GEC-1000A General Examination Chair GEC-1000A
Head adjustment angle -70° ~ +45°
Head and Chest adjustment angle -10° ~ +65°
Leg segment angle -75° ~ +55°
Upper lumbar chest to head length  130 mm
Anesthesia Medical Trolley AMT-1000A Anesthesia Medical Trolley AMT-1000A
Construction Cold rolled steel frame, ABS exterior
Total drawers 6 (3 × 3 dividers)
Drawer size
Height80 mm80 mm80 mm
Interior508 × 358 × 67 mm424 × 375 × 68 mm424 × 375 × 68 mm
Caster 4 PVC casters
Pulse Oximeter POX-1000A Pulse Oximeter POX-1000A
Parameter SpO2, Pulse
SpO2 Measurement 0% ~ 100%
PR Measurement 0 bpm ~ 250 bpm
Construction Silicon rubber shell protection and stable bracket for table usage
Cervical and Lumbar Traction system LTS-1000H Cervical and Lumbar Traction system LTS-1000H
Slow traction distance 0 – 300 mm
Traction force Lumbar: 0 ~ 999 N
Cervical: 0 ~ 200N
Traction speed ≤ 15 mm/s
Total traction period 0 ~ 60 min
Trolley Ultrasound System  USGT-1000C Trolley Ultrasound System USGT-1000C
Monitor 17-inch LED screen
Imaging mode Color doppler imaging mode
Power doppler mode
Real-time triplex mode
Imaging functions Tissue Harmonic Imaging
CW: Continuous Wave Doppler
B/C/D three synchronize real-time imaging
Probe depth ≥ 300 mm
Aneroid BP apparatus ABP-1000A Aneroid BP apparatus ABP-1000A
Display 59.5 mm ID manometer
Measurement Method Oscillometric
NIBP Measurement 0 mmHg ~ 300 mmHg
Material Nickel plated construction with zinc-alloy handle
Digital BP monitor DBP-1000C Digital BP monitor DBP-1000C
Display LCD
NIBP Measurement Rated Cuff Pressure: 0mmHg~300mmHg
SYS: 60mmHg~280mmHg
DIA: 30mmHg~200mmHg
Pulse: 30~180 Beats/Minute±5%
Accuracy Pressure: ±3 mmHg or ±2% above 200 mmHg
Pulse: ±5 % bpm
Measurement Method Oscillometric Method
Baby Bassinet Trolley BBT-1000A Baby Bassinet Trolley BBT-1000A
Frame Stainless steel 304
Bed plate Acrylic bassinet bedplate
Angular Tilt Tiltable bed-frame
Caster wheel Two 3-inch casters with brake and other 2 without brakes
Digital BP monitor DBP-1000L Digital BP monitor DBP-1000L
Display 2.8-inch segment LCD
NIBP Measurement 0mmHg ~ 280mmHg (pressure)
40 ~ 99 times/mins
Accuracy ±3mmHg
Measurement Method Oscillometric Method
Electric Feeder Breast pump FBP-1000D Electric Feeder Breast pump FBP-1000D
Expression Dual
Material Food grade liquid silicone+PP
Display LED display
Battery Built-in lithium battery
Nebuliser Mask BM-1000D Nebuliser Mask BM-1000D
Material Medical Grade PVC
Flow rate 4 lpm to 8 lpm
Tube length 2 m
Device classification Class II

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