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Infusion Bag

We provide an infusion bag, a sterile, flexible container used in healthcare to deliver fluids, medications, or nutrients intravenously to patients. Typically made of transparent plastic, the bag allows healthcare providers to monitor the infusion process visually. Equipped with a port for connecting to an IV line, these bags come in various sizes and are designed for single-use to prevent contamination. Our bags play a crucial role in delivering precise and controlled doses of fluids or medications, making them essential in hospitals, clinics, and other medical settings. Their flexibility and compatibility with various infusion pumps contribute to efficient and accurate patient care during intravenous therapy.

Pressure Infusion Bag

Pressure Infusion Bag PIB-1000A

Pressure Infusion Bag PIB-1000A

Designed with a pressure control system to provide a consistent and regulated fluid flow to the patient

Utilized with recyclable and non-recyclable solutions

Made with a single-use design to protect patients from infection and guarantee their safety

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