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Examination Chair

Our examination chair is a specialized piece of furniture designed for medical and clinical settings to provide a comfortable and adjustable seating option for patients during examinations or medical procedures. Typically equipped with features such as height adjustability, reclining capabilities, and sturdy support, examination chairs offer flexibility for healthcare practitioners to position patients optimally for examinations or minor medical interventions. The design often incorporates easy-to-clean materials to maintain hygiene standards in medical environments. Our examination chairs play a crucial role in ensuring patient comfort, facilitating thorough examinations, and accommodating various medical procedures with ease, contributing to the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare services.

General Examination Obstetric Chair
General Examination Chair GEC-1000A
General Examination Chair GEC-1000A

High-strength aluminum alloy frames

Streamlined upholstery

Separate right and left leg segments

Obstetric Examination Chair MOC-1000A
Obstetric Examination Chair MOC-1000A

Multi-positions for birthing mother

Gas-assist Trend mechanism

Automatic pelvic tilt

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