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Dual Head Stethoscope

Our dual head stethoscope is a versatile medical instrument used for auscultation, allowing healthcare professionals to listen to internal sounds within the body. Characterized by having two distinct chest pieces (bell and diaphragm), it provides flexibility for capturing low and high-frequency sounds, respectively. The bell is suitable for low-frequency sounds like cardiac murmurs, while the diaphragm is ideal for higher-frequency sounds such as lung and bowel sounds. Our dual-head design enhances the diagnostic capabilities of the stethoscope, enabling comprehensive examination of a patient's cardiovascular, respiratory, and gastrointestinal systems. The ergonomic and acoustically sensitive construction of dual head stethoscopes makes them essential tools for physicians, nurses, and other healthcare practitioners in various clinical settings.

Single Head Stethoscope
Dual Head Stethoscope DHS-1000A
Dual Head Stethoscope DHS-1000A

The advanced aluminium chest piece comes with a dual head for better sound conduction

Flexible enough to be flipped between the bell side and diaphragm side for improved auscultation

Equipped with a bell-shaped chest piece for effective detection of low-pitched sounds

Single Head Stethoscope SHS-1000A
Single Head Stethoscope SHS-1000A

Employed with stainless steel chest piece to guarantee improved functionality

Suspended with aluminum alloy binaural for convenient handling

Flip between the bell and diaphragm sides for improved auscultation

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