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Dual Head Stethoscope DHS-1000A

Dual Head Stethoscope DHS-1000A

Dual Head Stethoscope DHS-1000A is a flexible, sound-sensitive medical instrument used for sound collection and detection. Designed with two distinct heads for specific functions and purposes. The flexible Y-shaped tube is of non-latex material for high durability. Enabling healthcare professionals to make informed decisions about their patient’s health.


Chest piece material Aluminium
Chest piece Membrane 47mm, 38mm (for child)
Tube length 600mm


The advanced aluminium chest piece comes with a dual head for better sound conduction

Flexible enough to be flipped between the bell side and diaphragm side for improved auscultation

Equipped with a bell-shaped chest piece for effective detection of low-pitched sounds

The circular, thin diaphragm membrane enables the detection of high-pitched breath sounds

The Y-shaped tube, made of durable PVC material, effectively blocks out external noises


Dual Head Stethoscope is mainly used in medical practice and hospitals for auscultating the patient’s heart and lung beats.

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