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Single Head Stethoscope SHS-1000A

Single Head Stethoscope SHS-1000A

Single Head Stethoscope SHS-1000A is a pressure-sensitive tuneable stethoscope convenient for auscultating the internal sounds of the body. Incorporates a compact chest piece for effective sound collection and amplification from various regions of the body. Built with a lightweight 18 cm copper binaural that includes a non-chill ring and soft ear tip.


Chest Piece Material Stainless Steel
Diameter 47 mm, 35 mm
Binaural Length 18 cm
PVC Length 60 cm
Total Length 75 cm


Employed with stainless steel chest piece to guarantee improved functionality

Suspended with aluminum alloy binaural for convenient handling

Flip between the bell and diaphragm sides for improved auscultation

Integrated with a bell-shaped chest piece for effective detection of low-pitched sounds

Intended with a thin diaphragm membrane detects high-pitched breath sounds.


It is mainly used in medical practice and hospitals for auscultating the patient’s heart, lung beats, and bowel sounds.

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