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Transcranial Doppler

We provide transcranial Doppler (TCD), a non-invasive medical device used to assess blood flow within the brain's arteries. Employing ultrasound technology, it measures the velocity of blood through the major vessels in the brain, providing valuable information about cerebral circulation. It is often utilized in neurology and critical care settings to diagnose conditions such as stroke, vasospasm, and intracranial hypertension. Our TCD is valuable for monitoring patients at risk of neurological complications and helps guide treatment decisions. It offers real-time insights into cerebral hemodynamics, contributing to the understanding and management of various neurological disorders

Ultrasonic Transcranial Doppler UTD-1000A
Ultrasonic Transcranial Doppler UTD-1000A

Single channel and multiple depth analysis

Blood vessel detection radar

M mode enables easy detection of blood flow

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