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Manual External Defibrillator BAED-1000E

Manual External Defibrillator BAED-1000E

Manual External Defibrillator BAED-1000E offers six waveforms for a 12-lead ECG in a resolution of 800 × 600. Powered by Rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries, providing flexibility in its use without access to electrical outlets. Our defibrillator is designed with Manual Mode, AED Mode, and Synchronous defibrillation capabilities, enhancing its adaptability in critical situations. It has an optional monitoring mode that tracks patients' vital signs continuously and includes SpO2, NIBP, PR, and EtCO2.


Waveforms 5 waveforms
6 waveforms for 12-lead ECG
Resolution 800 × 600
Operating Temperature 0 to 45℃
Operating Humidity 10 % to 95 %, non-condensation
Atmospheric Pressure 570 hpa to 1060 hpa
Pacing Output 60 mA
Screen Size 8.4” TFT Screen
Brightness Manual from 1 to 100
Ingress Protection IP44
Defibrillation Mode Allows for up to 420 discharges
Interface USB interface
RJ45 interface
AC power input
VGA interface
Multi-functional connector
Battery Type Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
Battery Capacity 5000 mAh, dc.14.4V,
7500 mAh, d.c.14.8V
Battery Number 2
Battery Recharging Less than 1.5 hours to 80%
Battery Charge Time less than 2.5 hours to 100% with equipment power off (500 mAh)
Power Supply 100 to 240 V 50/6 0Hz
Dimension 323 ×277 × 338 mm
Weight (Without Battery) 6.55 kg
Weight (With Paddles) 7.2 kg
Weight (With Paddles and Battery) 7.9kg


Compact and lightweight

Streamlined and easy-to-learn three-step defibrillation process

Waveform characterized by a biphasic truncated exponential pattern

Monitor for a maximum of 12 hours

Display dimensions 8.4 inches TFT screen

Easily switch between modes using a simple knob

Signs include two alarm indicators, a power indicator, a battery indicator, etc.

Optional Accessories

SpO2: 1 unit

Monitor function (TEMP,Chinese brand SpO2,NIBP)/with Accessories: 1 unit
Upgrade to 12-Lead ECG: 1 unit
IBP: 1 unit
Sidestream EtCO2 Masimo Module with accessories: 1 unit


Manual External Defibrillator is Utilized in the ICU, surgical rooms, emergency areas, or during critical life-threatening situations, suitable for both adults and pediatrics.

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