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Mobile Aneroid BP Apparatus MBP-1000A

Mobile Aneroid BP Apparatus MBP-1000A

Mobile Aneroid BP Apparatus MBP-1000A is a highly reliable blood pressure apparatus that comes with a digital feature ideal for monitoring BP without the use of mercury. Equipped with a high-resolution pressure gauge that measures up to 300mg/Hg pressure. Improved with adjustable cuff, providing real-time monitoring for accurate results.


Measurement Range 20 to 300 mmHg
Accuracy ± 3 mmHg
Sub-division 2 mmHg
Bladder Material Latex bladder with two tubes
Bulb Material Latex bulb with Metal Valve
Cuff Material Nylon
Cuff Size 55*14 cm


Features large, raised numbers

Luminescent coating for easy reading in low-light conditions

Mercury-free apparatus to minimize allergic responses

Safe & Convenient to use

Built-in storage basket on the wall

Inflation system and bulb assembly can be positioned behind the gauge


It works effectively in hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes for convenient monitoring of blood pressure in individuals with hypertension or hypotension.

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