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Ultrasonic Fetal Monitor UFM-1000A

Ultrasonic Fetal Monitor UFM-1000A

Ultrasonic Fetal Monitor UFM-1000 uses a highly sensitive transducer to detect FHR within a range of 50 to 240 bpm. It includes a TOCO measurement range from 0 to 100 units for accurate assessment of uterine contractions. Our monitor utilizes low ultrasound power to ensure the safety of the fetus during monitoring procedures. Equipped with a 2.1-inch TFT color screen that folds up to 90 degrees for easy viewing.


FHR Range 50 to 240 bpm
FHR Accuracy ± 2 bpm
Parameters FHR1, FHR2
Sweep Speed X1, X2, X4, X8
Transducer 9 crystals, pulsed Doppler, high sensitivity
Frequency 1.0MHz
Probe Wired
TOCO Measurement Range 0 to 100 units
TOCO Baseline 0, 5, 10, 15, 20 (selectable)
Maternal ECG Lead type 5-lead
Maternal ECG Lead Selection RA, LA, RL, LL, V
HR Measurement Range 15 bpm to 300 bpm
HR Accuracy ±1 bpm or ±1 %
RESP Measurement Range 7 rpm to 120 rpm
RESP Rate Accuracy ± 2 rpm/min or ±2 % reading
NIBP Method Automatic Oscillometric
Operating Modes Manual/Auto
Auto Measure Intervals 3/5/10/20/30/60/90/120/240 minutes
NIBP Parameter Units mmHg/kPa
Cuff Pressure Range 0 mmHg - 300 mmHg (0 kPa - 40.0 kPa)
Measurement And Alarm Range SYS- 50 mmHg to 240 mmHg (6.7 kPa - 32.0 kPa)
MAP- 25 mmHg to 200 mmHg (3.4 kPa - 26.6 kPa)
DIA- 15 mmHg to 180 mmHg (2.0 kPa - 24.0 kPa)
NIBP Accuracy ±3 mmHg (±0.4 kPa) or ± 2 of reading
Over-Pressure Protection Yes
Maternal SpO2 Measurement Range 70 to 99 %
Maternal SpO2 Accuracy ± 3 %
PR Range 30 to 240 bpm
PR Accuracy ± 2 bpm/min or ± 5 %
Temperature Range 0 to 50c℃
Resolution ± 0.1℃
Battery Li-Ion battery, 2200mAh/14.8V
Power supply 100 to 240V
Dimensions (L×W×H) 350×320×85 mm
Weight 3.5kg


Compatible with a wide voltage range

Auto-monitoring of fetal movements

Suitable for all stages of labor

Easily connects to central stations

Long-lasting Li-ion battery for extended use

Offers user-friendly interface

Standard Accessories

Accessories Names Quantity
3 In 1 Transducer (FHR.TOCO, FM) 1 pc
Printer Paper 2 pcs
Power Cable 1 pc

Optional Accessories

Twins probe

Fetus waker
Touch screen
Wall Bracket


Ultrasonic Fetal Monitor is used to track fetal health parameters during pregnancy, labor, and delivery, ensuring the well-being of both mother and baby in health care centers.

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