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Pressure Infusion Bag PIB-1000A

Pressure Infusion Bag PIB-1000A

Pressure Infusion Bag PIB-1000A is a reliable and efficient infusion bag convenient during medical therapy to safely inject liquids under pressure. Accommodate up to 1000 ml it may hold a variety of fluids for effortless handling. Integrated with a pressure gauge that precisely measures and controls pressure during the infusion procedure. Configured with leak-proof design and high-quality material securely hold and deliver fluid.


Capacity 1000 ml
Pressure Gauge 0 - 1000 mbar
Storage Air and Liquid


Designed with a pressure control system to provide a consistent and regulated fluid flow to the patient

Utilized with recyclable and non-recyclable solutions

Made with a single-use design to protect patients from infection and guarantee their safety

Durable and robust construction guarantees dependable functionality

Improved latex components ensure safety and long-term usability

Assures the smooth infusion of medications or blood into the patient’s body

Retains exceptional airtightness for a continuous 3-hour period and remains entirely leak-free

Supplied with the bag’s lifting strap can support a weight capacity of 1 Kg

Infused with a pulse injectable that allows for quick blood transfusion in an emergency.  Incorporated with invasive arterial pressure tubing for safe handling


It is commonly used in medical settings to rapidly infuse fluids into a patient's circulatory system.

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