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Peripheral Nerve Stimulator PNS-1000A

Peripheral Nerve Stimulator PNS-1000A

Peripheral Nerve Stimulator PNS-1000A is a multi-functional nerve stimulator ideal for pain relievers to alleviate chronic pain conditions by modulating nerve signals. Enhanced with 36 massage modes that work within a frequency range from 0 to 104 Hz. Endowed with default massage time 20 minutes can be adjustable from 10 to 60 minutes.


Battery Capacity 200 MA
Time Range 0 to 60 mins
Power Supply AC110 to 240 V
Working Temperature 5 to 40℃
Operating Humidity < 85%
Output Pulse Width 80 µs
Frequency Range 0 to 104 Hz
Adapter Voltage 5V
Dimensions 18.8×12×11 cm
Weight 0.5 kg 


Uses low-frequency electronic acupuncture and moxibustion pulse for quick pain relief

Features a long LCD for real-time monitoring of working parameters

Inbuilt rechargeable lithium battery with flat-round interface

Equipped with dual channel output interface able to connect two sets of products simultaneously

Provided with default massage timer for 20 minutes


It is widely used to provide pain relief for patients with chronic neuropathic pain who have contraindications to spinal cord stimulator placement and provide lasting relief without adverse effects of pain medications.

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