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Diagnostic Colonoscope DCS-1000A

Diagnostic Colonoscope DCS-1000A

Diagnostic Colonoscope DCS-1000A visualizes the interior of colon, providing high resolution image. It has a field view of 140° and depth of field is 3 to 100 mm. Cold light provides consistent illumination during endoscopic procedures. Designed with video processor to amplify the video signals from the endoscope.


Video Colonoscope
Field view 140°
Distal end diameter Ø12.8mm
Clamp aperture diameter Ø 3.2mm /3.7mm
Field depth 3 to 100 mm
Bending range Up: 180°, Down: 180°, L/R: 160°
Working length 1350 mm
Resolution CMOS 1,000,000 Pixels
Cold light source
Lamp LED light (80W white)
Color temperature ≥ 5300 K
Video signal output HDMI
Sharpness adjustment 0 to 3 grades
White balance Auto white balance/ Manual white balance
Power supply 220 to 240 V, 50 to 60 Hz
Video processor
Gain function 1 to 3 grades
Air pump pressure 30 to 60 Mpk
Image side Octagon/Round
Air flow 4 to 10 L/min
Packaging dimension 550 × 460 × 500 mm
Gross Weight 16 Kg
Saturation (Adjustable) 0 to 100 grades
Medical trolley
Dimension 500 × 700 × 1350 mm
Packaging dimension 1185 × 635 × 220 mm
Gross Weight 28 Kg
Display 19-inch Medical Monitor


Video colonoscope enables detailed inspection of colon

Cold light source for better visualization

LED aids in obtaining clear view of target area

Video processor improves image quality and diagnostic precision

Medical trolley ensures mobility within healthcare facilities

Medical monitor accurately visualizes medical procedures

Standard Accessories

Accessories No. Name Quantity
1 Biopsy forceps 2
2 Cleaning brush 2
3 Mouth pad 3
4 Leak detector 1
5 Leak cover 1
6 Clean lid 1
7 Attract the valve body baffle cap 1


Diagnostic Colonoscope helps in endoscopic treatments work better by allowing doctors to diagnose diseases in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare settings.

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