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Baby Bottle Sterilizer BBS-1000A

Baby Bottle Sterilizer BBS-1000A

Baby Bottle Sterilizer BBS-1000A can disinfect a full set of feeding essentials in one go. Equipped with an anti-dry burning stainless steel heating plate which provides omnidirectional drying. Utilizes high-temperature steam at 100° for disinfection without obstructions.


Capacity 9 Bottles
Voltage 220- 240V
Disinfection time 12 mins
Power For Sterilization- 700W For Drying- 190W
Material Polypropylene
Dimensions 274×297×398mm
Net Weight 2.42 kgs


Equipped with Stainless steel heating plate for fast and even heating

Provides smart power off and simple dial knob control for easy operation

Automatically switches to drying mode when the water has evaporated, prevents over-drying

Saves energy by automatically turning off the dryer once the bottles are dry

Adjustable drying time allows to customize the drying process to meet the needs of different types of bottles

Features voice remainder to alert finishing the whole process

Standard Accessories

Bottle clip 1 Qty

Measuring cup 1 Qty


Baby bottle sterilizers are versatile appliances that are widely used to sterilize baby bottles, pacifiers, warm milk, and heat food in hospitals, baby care centers, and homes.

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