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Electro-hydraulic Operating Table EHOT-1000A

Electro-hydraulic Operating Table EHOT-1000A

Electro-hydraulic Operating Table EHOT-1000A has a hydraulic system that enables the precise control of movements and adjustments during surgical procedures. The lateral tilt angle is 20° ± 5°, which facilitates proper positioning of patients. This system uses hydraulic fluid for motion and its sophisticated arrangement of components works together to enable controlled movements.


Kidney Bridge Height 120mm
Lateral Tilt 20° ± 5°
Back Section Up 70° ± 5°
Down 30° ± 5°
Head Section Up 60° ± 5°
Down 90° ± 5°
Outreach 90° ± 5°
Leg Section Up 20° ± 5°
Down 90° ± 5°
Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg 25° ± 5°
Longitudinal Sliding Movement 320mm
Outreach 90° ± 5°
Dimension 2050×520mm
Height 650 to 1050mm
Weight 270 Kgs


Featured with Dual operational system including manual and column handsets

Integrated with a manual headboard/ leg section/kidney bridge

Incorporated with detachable surgical accessories

Designed with T shape base made of SS304 material

Upgraded with electro-hydraulic elevation, sliding movement

Advantageous with zero position function

Enhanced with an electric lock system

Standard Accessories

Shoulder Support: 2pcs

Waist Support: 2pcs
Arm Support (Arm Boards): 2pcs
Leg Support (Knee Crutch Stirrups): 2pcs
Anesthetic Frame (Curtain Stand): 1pc
Manual / Column Remotre: 1pc
Mattress: 1set
Storage Battery : 1set
Clamp: 9pcs
Body Strap: 5pcs


Compatible with hospital C-arm, is crucial for various surgical procedures, including those related to head, limbs, ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat), and orthopedic surgery. Used in Diagnostic Imaging Tables, Hospital Beds, Endoscopy Equipment, Laboratory Euipments.

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