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Head Band Light with Loupe HBL-1000A

Head Band Light with Loupe HBL-1000A

Head Band Light with Loupe HBL-1000A provides bright and clear visibility with its 65,000 Lux light intensity. It offers dual magnification options, 2.5x and 3.5x, to accommodate different task needs. The brightness and spot size are adjustable to meet individual requirements. Equipped with a lithium battery that ensures extended use and fast recharging.


Light Intensity 65000 Lux
Magnification 2.5X / 3.5X
Lifetime of LED 100,000 h
Continues Run-Time ≥ 6 h
Working Distance 440 to 540 mm / 320 to 420 mm
Color Temperature 6500 to 7000 k
Charge Time 4 h
Field of View 130 mm / 60 mm
Spot Size ø1 to 9mm (at 420mm of distance)
Weight 0.6 Kg


Better lighting depth

Adjustable headband with detachable forehead pad

White and black color options

Lamp head angle is adjustable

Standard Accessories

Lithium Battery


Head Band Light with Loupe is used by surgeons, medical or dental practitioners, jewellery makers and electronics repair technicians for precise lightning and magnification in their work.

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