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Catalog for Volumetric Infusion Pump VIP-1000C

Volumetric Infusion Pump VIP-1000C

Volumetric Infusion Pump VIP-1000C |

Specifications :
Flow Rate 1ml/h ~ 2000ml/h ; 0.1ml
VTBI 0.1ml/h~9999.9ml/h  (“0” for turning off the setting function of the volume limit )
Accumulated volume: 0.1ml~9999.9ml
Bolus 1000ml/h
Infusion Mode Rate mode  
Time mode 
Body weight mode
Drop counter mode
Accuracy +5% (up to +2% after calibration.)
KVO Rate 1.0 ml/h ~ 5.0 ml/h
Alarms Infusion completion, OCCL. (Upper/Down), low voltage, air bubbles, installation error of infusion pipe, door open, abnormal 1, abnormal 2.
Rate mode Rate: 1ml/h ~ 2000.0ml/h
Time mode Volume: 0.1ml~999.9 ml 
  Time: 1min ~2000 min
Body Weight mode Weight: 0.1 kg ~ 300 kg    
Drug: 0.1 mg ~ 999.9 mg   
  Volume: 0.1 ml ~ 999.9 ml
Dose: 0.1~9999.9 (restricted to unit, drug, solution, weight and infusion pipe)
Unit: mg/kg/h, ug/kg/min
Drop Counter mode 1 drop/min ~ 666 drops/min
Occlusion Sensitivity 400 mmHg ~ 900 mmHg, adjustable, graphical display the pressure.
Power Supply, AC AC100V~220V, 50Hz~60Hz
Battery Rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery
Battery Life 5 hours after being fully recharged (25ml/h)
Dimensions 129 × 150 × 172mm
Weight <2.2 kgs
Features :
  • Four kinds of modes: Rate mode, Time mode, Body Weight mode, Drop Counter mode
  • Large-screen color LCD
  • Double CPU
  • Wide selection infusion rate (1 ml/h ~ 2000 ml/h)
  • Drop counter inspection and automatic control
  • Drug library
  • Data lock to prevent accidental modification of infusion parameters
  • Battery status display
  • Up and Down pressure sensors prevent free flow

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