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Catalog for Ultrasound Bladder Scanner UBS-1000A

Ultrasound Bladder Scanner UBS-1000A

Ultrasound Bladder Scanner UBS-1000A |

Specifications :
Ultrasonic probe 3D scan, 2.6MHz broadband frequency probe
Screen 5.6-inch LCD touch screen
, 640 × 480 resolution
Measuring range 10 ml ~ 2000 ml
Automatic measurement error < 15 %
Scan time < 8 seconds
Volume measurement time < 6 seconds
Scanned image display frame 4 frames / seconds
Storage 32G, SD card data storage, can store cases> 40000
Printer Built-in thermal printer
Interface One probe port, one SD card slot
Power 100 ~ 260V AC power to charge power adapter, 12V DC to the scanner
Battery Built-in 24 W/h battery, built-in battery charging time is 3 hours
Capacity: > 4 hours, can be connected to an external 12V/2A battery
Dimension 200 × 160 × 140 mm
Features :
  • Touch screen operation
  • Powerful bladder wall recognition technology
  • Accurate contouring technology
  • Good compatibility for different bladders, no substantial error when measuring small volume or special shape bladders
  • High recognition rate for the bladder wall with air, accurate amount of urine volume
  • With manual contour functions for accurate results obtained even when the bladder border is abnormal
  • No need to select Gender, Age group to consider special cases on the measurement results
  • Real-time imaging during the scanning process
  • 3-D stepping motor based probe ensures lasting high-precision scanning
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