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Pocket Ultrasound System PUSG-1000D

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Pocket Ultrasound System PUSG-1000D     |

Specifications :

Probe Linear probe
Radius : 45mm
Transducer : 80 element
Imaging mode B, B/B, B/M, 4B
Frequency selection 5.0 MHz
6.0 MHz
7.5 MHz
8.0 MHz
10.0 MHz
Depth 30 mm ~ 120 mm
Area of Examination Emergency, Thyroid, Maxillo-facial, Prostate, Scrotum, Vascular, Musculoskeletal
Scan Type Electronic Linear array
Image Magnification ×1.0, ×1.2, ×1.5, ×2.0
Image Processing Parameters : FrmAvg, Bright, Contast, Gamma, Sharp, Edge, Line, FilterHoi, FilterVerl, Smooth, SSR
Adjustment : Left/right Mirror, Up/down Vertically Flip
Measurment 2B, 4B mode: distance, area/girth, volume, angle, Cross profile, Left coxae Angle,right coxae angle
B mode: distance, area/girth, volume, angle, Cross profile, Left coxae Angle,right coxae angle
M mode: distance, time, HR, Slope
Thyroid : Left side, right side, Isthmus, parathyroid gland, cyst, solid
Maxillo-facial : Parotid, lymphaden nodule, lymphoma, abscess, cystic hygroma
Prostate : Center zone, peripheral zone, matrix zone, cyst, solid
Scrotum : L, R, L/R, Varicosity, Vaginal sac
Muscle : distance, area/girth, volume, angle, cross profile, left coxae angle, right coxae angle
Image memory HDD Save
Image format : (bmp, png, tif, dcm, jpg)
Cineloop : 512-frame memory,manual/automatic cine loop
Operating time 8 hours
OS Windows 7 and above
Connectivity USB
Dimensions 150 × 23 × 70 mm
Cable length : 190 cm

Features :

  • USB linear array probe
  • Full digital imaging technology
  • Electronic focus selection
  • Broadband Multi-frequency probe
  • THI, Image processing and adjustment
  • 138 kinds of body mark with 8 kinds of pseudo colors
  • Total gain and step-wise gain adjustment
  • Image management function
  • Installer OS : Windows
  • Patient records management
  • Image report and print function
  • Ultrasound imaging software


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