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Neurosurgical operating table NOT-1000D

Neurosurgical operating table NOT-1000D |

Specifications :
Table size 2001 mm × 500 mm
Lifting table 700mm to 1100mm
Tabletop lean left 20°
Tabletop lean right 20°
Backboard folding up 75°
Backboard folding down -40°
Trendelenburg 30°
Reverse Trendelenburg 30°
Head board folding up 50°
Head board folding down - 90°
Foot plate up 30°
Foot plate down -90°
Foot plate horizontal 90°
Features :
  • Electro-hydraulic drive technology enables accurate body positioning as well as more uniform and smooth running speed
  • Durable and wear-resistant hydraulic system
  • Electric : Table up/down, Normal/reverse orientation, Lift/right tilt, Back plate up/down
  • Hydraulic : Head plate, Leg plate
  • Medical-grade polyurethane upholstery with insulation, fire resistant and waterproof features
  • Tabletop frame constructed from anti-wear aluminum alloy
  • Base-end lifting column is made from 304 stainless steel
  • One key flex position and reflex position
  • Adjusting leg plate via gas spring
  • Auxiliary control system
  • Standby battery function
  • Self compensating floor locking system by electro-hydraulic
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