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Enteral Feeding Infusion Pump EFIP-1000D

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Catalog Generated On : 08/05/2021

Enteral Feeding Infusion Pump EFIP-1000D     |

Specifications :

Flow Rate 1ml/h ~ 400ml/h, step by 1ml/h
VTBI 0 ~ 9999, step by 1 ml
Purge 2000 ±10% ml/h
Bolus 2000 ±10% ml/h
Pumping Mechanism Curvilinear peristaltic
IV Set Compatible with recommended IV sets
Accuracy ≤ ±10% with dedicated IV set
Occlusion Sensitivity 50 kPa ± 10 kPa
Noise distance of 1 meter in every direction, the noise level is below 50dB
Power Supply, AC AC:100V~240V  50Hz /60Hz
Battery Internal DC11.1V rechargeable Li battery
Battery Life Over 5 hours at intermediate rate
Relative Humidity 30% ~ 75%
Dimensions 160 × 145 × 160 mm
Weight 2.5 kgs
Optional Dedicated disposable nutrition IV set

Features :

  • Thick and normal nutrition mode
  • Built-in double CPU for best-assured reliability
  • 360° visual light signs, easy for clinical identify
  • Self-priming pump
  • Embedded ultrasound sensor for air bubble detection
  • Embedded pressure sensor with DPS system for occlusion detection
  • Data confirm key to avoid mis-operation and improve feeding safety
  • Fixation clamp which can be 90 degrees rotated
  • Powerful alarm system with both audible alarm signs
  • USB interface, easy to update and transfer the history data


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