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Catalog for Adult Weighing scale AWSM-1000A

Adult Weighing scale AWSM-1000A

Adult Weighing scale AWSM-1000A |

Specifications :
Measurement mode Ultrasonic measurement,
unique ultrasonic compensation device
Measuring range Height: 20 cm to 210 cm
Weight: 2-200 kg
Print configuration Choose print ,randomly configure the print bar to
start/ end advertisement text
Measurement accuracy Height: +/- 0.5 cm or +/-0.1 cm
Weight: +/- 0.01kg or +/- 0.1 kg
Supply voltage AC 160V – 250V, 50V
Power consumption < 10W
Output serial port RS232
Machine weight 22 kg
Features :
  • Ergonomic shape and design
  • Ultrasonic measurement of height (no touch) Us ultrasonic probe
  • Weight measurement by precision sensor
  • Intelligent computing body index
  • Large screen digital LED display
  • Automatic voice broadcast measurement results
  • Display indoor temperature and current time
  • Storage more than ten thousand pieces
  • Medzer Inc Brandy Wine, 1000 N West St, Wilmington, DE 19801, United States
  • Email: | Website:

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